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Tonight I am seeing the Goons of Doom; my all time favourite band growing up. These boys basically defined my existence when I was 14. I haven’t seen them live in 4 years. SO GODDAMN EXCITED!!!!

vaughan deadly: The New Killerwhale


Killerwhale has visited hell a bunch of times since going in for his big operation a few months ago and he said it was exactly how he pictured it – totally fucking shit. Anyway after a few setbacks here and there and having to eat most his meals through a straw that went up his nose, he’s only…

This guy right here is the biggest trooper. It makes me so happy to hear that Mr Killerwhale is doing well after all that’s happened to him this year. I’ve only got 4 goons and I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to any one of these brilliant men.

Infinite love and respect for Killer.